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Here's a brief* listing of the types of content that are not allowed and will result in the mentioned content being removed immediately
-Any kind of Advertising, marketing, or spam.
-Any kind of content containing overly pornographic, violent, illegal, or aberrational elements.
-Libelous or slanderous remarks towards real people or legal entities.
-If there are copyrighted material, is it not owned by the poster and not available in the public domain.
-Content containing hate speech or provoking hate in any way.

In addition to the removal of the wrong content, members found posting content of the types listed above may be banned or have their accounts permanently removed at our decision. This includes all of the written works, comments, discussion topics, or posted by a specific user, so please think carefully before posting anything that could be construed as overly violent.

Eyes on you : Much of this is at the site's moderators' decision. Here you should remember, everyone who registers for WRITING NEPAL must agree to our Terms of Use, so if you see something that's out of line or generally offensive, please help us out and Report it. So that our moderators can see and take response with it quickly!

At the bottom of each work, or user profile, you'll see a button entitled "Missuse of WRITING NEPAL. Report it!”Please use the button if needed, but don't use it without reason! Please do not abuse it !
If you see an item that is not suitable. You can let us know via a report. The "Report it!" button.You must keep in mind that abusing the reporting functionality may result in negative consequences for the reporter, at our decision.
The maintainers of the site reserve the right to remove any content (be it written works, comments, discussion topics, images, or user profile information) that we find offensive, illegal, or in violation of WRITING NEPAL's Terms of Use.
Content that we think should be Reported! If we come across it, we are also more than willing to permanently ban members who break the rules regularly.More information about content rules can be found at our Terms of Use page.Reports include violations of the site's Posting Guidelines or Terms of Use, and resolution of those reports are at the decision of the moderation team.

*But not comprehensive

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Author :बि.पी कोईराला
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Author :Nayanraj Pandey
Publisher : Sangrila Books
Number of page : 299
Price : NRP 350
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